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*January 13th, 2021​

If you are interested in attending any  of the four events, allow me to update you on our safety protocols.

  We are incredibly safe, following closely all the protocols of the Phase 3 guidelines of Virginia. We had no instances of community transmission and I believe those that attended would agree that safety was the number one priority. It was a good experience and I learned some things moving forward.

Some of the things we had in place to prevent concerns were:

  • The ballroom was divided into three individual sections. 50 people is the max allowed at the crops, so there will be no more than 15-18 people per room.

  • Everyone signed a waiver that they were symptom free and should they have any symptoms, they would be asked to leave immediately. The hotel had a plan for disinfecting the space should that happen.

  • Temperature checks were done twice a day through contactless thermometer.

  • 6 feet were between each person at a table grouping. Each grouping sat by themselves. No one sat with those that they did not know. Those who chose to sit with others all signed addendums to the waivers agreeing that they were sitting with the people they chose.

  • More than 6 feet were between each table grouping, including those who chose who sat by themselves (some sat by themselves although they had other friends in attendance)

  • Everyone was given an complimentary mask and mini hand sanitizer. MASKS ARE REQUIRED at all times, even in the crop rooms.

  • Each room had their own beverage station and all high contact points on the beverage station and the doors were wiped down every two hours.

  • We avoided all congregation and normal high touch points so we did not have the sell or swap tables. Things like the door prizes were all handled differently, but it ended up working well.

  • Gloves were provided if anyone wanted them.

  • My table, Kim, and I stayed outside the rooms so as to not risk cross contamination.

  • We did not have buffets. Meals were served individually plated, like at a wedding, in the junior ballroom (the second largest ballroom down the hall from our crop rooms). 4 people were at each 10 foot round table. People chose their meals ahead of time through a survey.

  We have the opportunity to have 2-4 vendors depending on their comfort level and the their adherence to the following guidelines:

  • Vendors provide gloves or sanitizer at their spaces to reduce cross contamination

  • Things that can be wiped down should be done regularly.

  • Vendors MUST wear masks

  • No cash sales. Everything should be done via contactless payments. Whether that be PayPal or a swiping system that a customer can use.

  • No more than 4 croppers in each vendor room at a time.

  • There will be no live classes, although some might do remote live video classes.

I will keep you posted on the blog as to which vendors will be joining us.

I am sure there might be a few other things. As things come up, I am doing my best to resolve them and address any concerns. But I wanted to let you know I am moving forward and that we are strictly following the guidelines of VA phase 3. I am not flexible on this.
Best -

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