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Starting 2023 
What's Included  -the Weekender  and Not a Care in the World Cropper
  • 5 fully catered buffet meals, 1 snack breaks and 2 evening dessert bars
  • Unlimited soda (Coke products), water and iced tea throughout the day
  • Candy baskets at each table
  • A Thank You Gift retailing for $20-$25
  • 6x3 crop table with plenty of space around your chair
  • Access to amazing vendors and shopping
  • Access to a wonderful massage therapist (additional fee applies)

  • Late night crop room availability

  • Door prizes every night

  • Grand prize drawing retailing between $150-$200

  • Every table grouping has access to at least two outlets (must bring your own extension cords and duct tape)

  • Cricut and computer station with over 40 cartridges and color printer/scanner

  • We try to interrupt you as little as possible to allow you to "get in the zone"

Hotel room costs are NOT included.
Crop Hours

The 4-day events run from 800pm Thursday to 3pm Sunday. As much as we would love to allow you to linger late, our contract with the hotel does not allow it. OCCASIONALLY, we are granted extra time to crop on Sunday evenings. If that is the case, we will let you know a few days in advance.


Table Space & Seating

Each Attendee will have 6x3 feet of table space for their use. Seating is pre-arranged according to whom you asked to sit with or who asked to sit with you! Please do not switch seats.


Electric & Internet

If you plan to use anything electric, you will need to bring YOUR OWN extension cords and floor tape. We do however have electric available at each table throughout the crop room for easy access. Internet is available free of charge.


Cricut and Computer Station

We have a computer station and a printer available for journaling and titles. We also have one "Baby" Circut and two Cricut Expressions available for your use. We ask that you provide your own Cricut Mats to use with our equipment. We have over 40 cartridges available on a check out basis. If you do not have experience using the Cricut please let us know before "winging it". We are happy to show you how, and we're confident you'll be hooked!


Special Needs

If you are following a special diet due to health issues, or if you have a physical limitation that will need to be addressed, now is the time to tell us. Please don't wait for the day of the event to let us know you are lactose intolerant, diabetic, vegan, etc.

Massages Brand will be at our events, offering both table and chair massages to all those interested.  Appointments book up fast.  If you are interested in a massage, please remember to sign up early.

The majority of attendees we surveyed want music at the events so we provide it in the background. If you choose to listen to your own music, please bring headphones.

Ears, Noses, and Weather 
We all like to smell pretty, but almost 90 ladies wearing 90 different fragrances can be a little much, please apply your perfume lightly. Please dress in layers in case you get too hot or too cold - we all have different climate controls! And it is a rarity that these venues allow us to fiddle with the thermostat. We recommend a t-shirt under long sleeves under a sweatshirt/sweater (Layers are key). DON'T SAY WE DIDN'T WARN YOU!
Don't forget your...
  • Seat cushion - Even padded chairs can get hard after a few hours.
  • Craft light - The cropping room has overhead lighting, but for detailed work you may want a little extra.
  • Camera - take lots of pictures of your new friends and their layouts!
  • Cash/checkbook/credit cards/first-born - to shop with our vendors and pay for your classes.
  • Tag-Along or closed lid drink holder, as there are no open drinks allowed on the cropping tables.
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