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October 3, 2017

If you are attending this crop, please be sure to share this information with those attending with you.
I wanted to let you know that there will be a hotel change for the November 2017 crop. It is not because I am displeased with the Crowne Plaza, far from it. FEMA has temporarily taken over the Crowne Plaza as a call center and headquarters for grant distribution and recovery efforts for the hurricanes that have hit in recent weeks. They have taken over EVERY available space, including all the guest rooms, which is why several of you could not get rooms and were told that they were booked through the end of the year. This is an unique and rare event and I am completely understanding of the situation.

The good news is that when the Crowne Plaza called to tell me this information (and we are not the only event affected - every event from now until the end of the year had to be moved), they had a solution. They had worked it out that the Hilton Dulles will take over our event and at the guest room rate contracted by the Crowne Plaza. They are only 4 miles from the Crowne Plaza, just off Rt 28. (Directions here.)

The Crowne Plaza and Hilton have gone above and beyond in helping with the arrangements and I am grateful that both hotels were willing to work things out and not leave us in a lurch. I am sure you will like the Hilton. It is a VERY nice hotel with great amenities. I went out there last week and was very impressed. They are giving us several great spaces that will work well for our needs. The crop room is a little bit bigger than the Crowne Plaza, as is our vendor room directly across the hall. They both are steps away from the front door to the hotel and there is plenty of parking. And we will have larger, private dining spaces. They have several carts that can be used AND the carts have poles to hang stuff. YAY! Like the Crowne Plaza, however, there will NOT be porter service. I do know that many of you have preferences for seating location and I will do my best to make those happen, but hope that you will be understanding if I am unable to meet every request, given the new set up.

For those that need guest rooms, the Hilton will be sending me a booking link in the next day or two, which when ready, will be found here. More information on that will be coming, but again, the hotel rate of $92/night will not change.

Please note that this MAY also affect our January crop. FEMA is supposed to be out of the Crowne Plaza December 31, but we all know how the federal government operates. If you have a guest room reservation for the Crowne Plaza for January, please keep it until we know more information.

Thank you for understanding. We want to make this a smooth a transition as possible and that you will enjoy our stay at the Hilton.

Please contact me here or on Facebook if you have ANY questions.

Thank you-

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