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*June 11, 2020 Update

If you are attending this crop, please be sure to share this information with those attending with you.

As Northern Virginia begins its phased plans for reopening our economy, I’m sure many of you have questions about how these plans will affect our July 10-12 Crop. I want to make it very clear that your health and safety is my number one priority. My deciding factor for having the July crop has always been if our group size would be within the guidelines of those plans. As such, I am currently expecting that we will be able to hold the July 10-12 crop safely within the CDC and state guidelines for group events. We are planning on moving forward.
I have been working with the Crowne Plaza (see their Clean Promise here: on a weekly basis to get an understanding of their cleaning and precautionary measures for the large crop space as well as for the hotel rooms. We are also discussing options and solutions specific to our event.
As we get closer, I will have more details on everything that will be done to provide for the health and the well-being of all attendees. Some of these changes will include:

  • Dividing the ballroom into three individual crop rooms. Each room will hold no more than 25 people.  We have always prided ourselves on offering the most space of any crop, but there will be even more space between individual groups.

  • There will not be buffet shared meals. Instead, we will be having individually packaged meals. This will allow for as little handling as possible of the same great quality food you expect from Crops Plus and the Crowne Plaza.

  • There will not be one central beverage station, but each room will have a smaller beverage selection that can easily be maintained and sanitized. 

  • We will also be shifting how we previously operated in congregating spaces such as the vendor area, the classroom, dining room and door prizes. More info on that will be coming as the date gets closer.

  • If at the time of the crop, face masks are required within indoor public spaces, they will be required at the crop. Extra masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.

If you do not feel comfortable joining the July crop, I completely understand. It’s a decision that each person must make based on their individual circumstances. For those of you who are unsure about attending an event a month from now, I would kindly ask you to consider to wait before deciding or perhaps moving your registration to September or November if possible. Like almost all small businesses, Crops Plus has had substantial losses due to this global crisis and your continued support would mean everything. Even to delay making your decision on attendance would help. But again, your decisions will be accepted with complete understanding and awareness of the difficulty in making them.
If you need to make alternative arrangements for your July attendance, please email me at That will help me a great deal to keep all changes centralized in one location. If your hotel is booked for the July crop and you cannot attend, please contact the hotel directly at (703) 471-6700 to cancel the reservation. Additionally, the September and November crop registration is open if you have friends interested in attending that date, they can reserve their spot now as more people will be moving their registration.

I look forward to seeing you in July. I have missed our time together so much. Please contact me here, call or text the number below or message on Facebook if you have ANY questions.


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